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-call. [calling roll] we have a quorum. the next item is president's announcements. president mccarthy. >> president mccarthy. president mccarthy: in this the interest of time, i will forgo those announcements. >> present mccarthy, vice president mar, and commissioners, my name is tom. i have not been able to make meetings, because it has been a busy year and this position. i wanted to let you know who i am and reconnect a little more. i have been a fire prevention and investigation for 20 years. in the fire department 30, and worked as a supervisor when the building department was still on mcallister streets, so we a relationships with a lot of the directors and deputy directors and staff, and in the interest of time, because i know the previous meeting went a long time, i will keep it short. when i asked the commission secretary to do is to distribute our charts for fire prevention. perhaps i can pass one along to president mccarthy. if you ever have any questions or want to work with staff on anything, i just want to let you know i will try to get stuff here on a regular basis, espe
the late senator joe mccarthy level. as a member of congress with a seat on the house intelligence committee, mrs. bachmann, you know better. shame on you, michele! you should stand on the floor of the house and apologize to huma amedin and muslim americans for your wild and unsubstantiated charges. other republicans call for bachmann's charges to be recalled. they called out lindsay graham. today john boehner was asked about it. here's what the speaker said. >> i don't know huma, but from everything that i do know of her, she has a sterling character. and i think accusations like this being thrown around are pretty dangerous. >> well, you might get the idea, joan, if you're somebody like michele bachmann with her intellect, you may get the idea this is okay because you have the other guys throwing this stuff around. you go further but in kind. i think it is unkind with what we are getting from the other guys. your thoughts? >> let me start by saying michele bachmann is joe mccarthy in lipstick and she's a dangerous welcome. i want to welcome joe to decency where senator john mccai
not have the resources to fund the office of small business, we can do it through dbi. angus mccarthy is more than willing to work with you or anyone who is interested. he is the only person from the city who has come out and spoken to me without me going to them first. he asked me to come to speak at a dbi hearing. they are a department that raises its own funds, they may have resources to address this, we can put a line item into the budget for next year and that is something we can discuss but you will have to put the resources, have outreach field workers, have staff that can address this issue and so we have the resources available and give assistance as needed so we do not have this situation to occur again and again. supervisor cohen: i have a question for virginia. doyou -- do you feel the city has set you up for failure? >> i do not the city has set up for failure. there could be -- there is definitely more resources that we need to apply for outreach. supervisor cohen: how many are in your pot -- in your department? >> there is five. we have counter hours monday through thur
in new york, new jersey and connecticut --- but they are ok to buy in colorado. mccarthy says: "we as legislators don't do enough to stop this kind of gun violence." representative carolyn mccarthy's husband was killed and son wounded in a mass shooting on long island railroad before she was elected. in the wake of the colorado shooting she's joining the with other elected officials -- including mayor bloomberg calling for tougher gun rules mccarthy says: "if it was one of your kids yesterday in aurora, maybe you'd stand up and say i'm not going to take this anymore." critics argue -- there was already a nationwide ban on assault weapons in 1994... but it expired ten years later.. leaving states like colorado.. to decide for themselves. penn state faces some hefty fines, stemming from the jerry sandusky sex scandal. scandal.how much money they could be shelling out... and when they will find out. out.plus... you can recognize the tricks now... but cyber scammers are always busy coming up with new ways to get your personal information.the newest scam that's hitti
carolyn mccarthy. she pushed for gun-control after her husband was killed and son injured in the rhode island massacre that killed six. colin goddard, who was shot during the virginia tech massacre that killed 32. but welch, bullets on mine. whose 23-year old daughter julie was killed in the bombing of the oklahoma city federal building which killed 168. all that and more coming up. this is democracy now!, democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. thousands gathered in aurora, colorado sunday for a public vigil for the shooting victims at a local movie theater. the toll stands at 12 dead, 58 wounded, nine of them critically. after meeting with grieving families, president obama said he brought a message of support on behalf of the country. >> i confessed to them that words are always inadequate in these situations, but now my main task was to serve as a representative of the entire country and let them know that we are thinking about them at this moment, and will continue to think about them each and every day. and the awareness that, not only all of america, but muc
chiu is making a law to help these kinds of things. supervisor mar: thank you. commissioner mccarthy. thank you for being here. commissioner mccarthy: the testimony did an amazing job of laying out what the issues are and what small businesses have to do. i thought all this testament brought into one circle. we as a commission, we did have a hearing on this, and i heard about the businesses in your district. to fill with these people have to go through to comply and it is difficult. we live in a city that most of the buildings and it was discussed here, the different departments do not necessarily agree on how we get there. for me, what came out of that hearing was -- not to be flippant about it, you are asking people to come in for a root canal so it is a difficult thing to comply. it does cost $5,000 or six dozen dollars to get an expert out. people will go from month to month in the businesses and staff. it is a hard scenario for them to say ok, i will take this upon myself. supervisor chiu is dealing with his legislation. if you do not have the landlord dealing with the owner, it
was a unner's mate. it was the toehold apocalypse now experience. mccarthy lt a number and i killed people. when mccarthy returned he was stioned on treasure island and tried to fake mental illness. imenh id sde alwattin it felt good to have begun. those trees -- treasure island's hl ofsr is ome oe co waters on christmas eve he went to the ppie haven. he wa notloi sex soasan wene . a eredgr r thhenter thvy ld m thacof en lca naturally 20 yards past mccarthy heardla th aithho. the kid was shot in the five. cad hern interacion ews go l the. bhe a swarm of people were caught up in christmas eve singing and dancing. they had long flowing hair. althoughe tried to ide ey asy. fo ht s in mccarthy's spent the night in a dilapidated house. anri onih couin t et ra i a o man he looked like so or. i justanted to uh he a the enormous ind ovort stdi. howp he qursthod h,. he thought he stepped into the dream. the victorian was beautifully kept with the curtains and within lok tw f roie mylatters of food food, mashed potatoes, the room had people peoplof all races.ca j stoer heunho e earth, man was pa
year. >> i think if we keep going the way we are going, it is looking good. >> tricia mccarthy, president of the massachusetts realtors association, is encouraged to see any signs of improvement. unemployment in massachusetts is six percent compared to just over eight percent nationwide. >> mccarthy believes confidence in the housing market is essential for a recovery, but tough mortgage requirements are a hurdle. >> years ago, if you could breathe into a mirror you could get a loan, so it was very easy. now the pendulum has, you know, gone completely to the other side and the regulations are very strict. >> the original foundation is in place. >> that is not worrying the shotz family who see the historically low mortgage rates as a plus. >> it is the lowest rates that i can remember. >> right now is a great buyers time. >> so they are searching hard to find their massachusetts retreat from the nashville heat. seth doane cbs news, new york. >> glor: later, robots folding laundry, sorting socks, the new hand helping those in need. a challenging pension choice for public safety w
of continued harrassment from the president chair, not you, commissioner mccarthy, but from the previous director. we would hope that this would stop so that we could try to bring people together and move forward. the department has gone into the black and we have initiated many of the programs that we attempted to do over the last 15 years. we are in the middle of upgrades in our department, which we were trying to do for the last 10 years. three times, before this has gone forward and failed. we are succeeding in upgrading the computer systems, and a program that was all the time after time, and we are moving this into an administrative position. i am not clear what happened. i think that we, the commission have a right to know what happened and so does the public. >> is there any more discussion? >> it appears that some of us no more than others. regardless, we should discuss this in closed session. i make a move to convene in closed session. >> seconded. >> a motion to go into closed session. i will do a roll call. president mccarthy? >> aye. >> mar? >> no. >> clinch? >> yes. >> lee?
to say a few words. >> thank you, supervisors. my name is angus mccarthy. i would like to thank the madam chair for giving me my opportunity to come and talk. i would like to be here to show our support for the staff, for the many years they have been keeping the department going. the budget before you today, i believe this task -- the staff asked for a 4% to 5% increase. i believe that the budget analysis is coming back with 1%. i am here to reinforce one very important factor. we have seen a lot of major changes in the city. the big department is an important part of that change. but the growth happening in the town, one of the things that we have right now, which worries me, going forward in the budget, we have a lot of positions we are trying to fill. we are learning, very lately, how hard it is to fill these positions. lots of stones from the department need to be met to meet these positions. this year alone i believe we will have almost seven new staff that are badly needed. you will hear testimony from the different department heads on the kind of volume we are experiencing. it is
's mccarthy. and going back to the joe mccarthy period, it is worth remembering that there were -- >> joe mccarthy. >> not paul and not gene. joe. and when mccarthy was making wild charges about this or that person being a communist when they weren't, a lot of honorable republicans stood up. i think mccain and boehner are in that tradition. again, it's hard other than internal republican politics to explain why cantor would not want to be on that side of this question. >> thanks for your time tonight. catch melissa filling in for rachel maddow tonight here on msnbc. >>> coming up, late night comedians are thanking willard romney for all the material. but can punch lines have a real impact on campaigns? >>> and remember the smoking 2-year-old baby? well, he's got some competition now. you won't believe who picked up the habit. your summer break is up next. ashley was not only my little sister, she was a best friend. she was very giggly. if you could get her to laugh really hard, she would even snort sometimes. it was so funny. this is the text from me that my sister was reading.
life in a mccarthy-dominate america might be like. but then something happens. his huntington's disease kicks in series b around 1952, so he is increasingly immobilized, increasingly, -- his behavior is increasingly more erratic. he has difficulty writing, he cannot speak as well, he gets -- a lack of coordination. he sort of drops out, after 1953 -- he is becoming less and less of a public figure at that point. but he is watching from the sidelines what is going on. pete seeger gets called to the mccarthy committee. mccarthy is gone but the committee is still there. 1955. unlike the burl ives, who named names to the committee, and on like josh white, who called himself a dupe of the communist , and would be excoriated them in letters reading some real bitty stuff coming out about his former friends. pete seeger decide to take the first amendment, you have no right to ask me these questions, you sitting up there in your inquisitorial bias. he is slapped with a contempt of congress citation and is convicted and is looking at 10 years in jail. it is not until 1961 that his conviction is o
, we honored bill's brother jim and former minnesota senator eugene mccarthy for their 1947 challenge to that era's campaign finance reform. in responding to the toasts, the liberal gene mccarthy stood up and said, you conservatives have had a good run but you are in trouble. because i keep hearing talk of hyphenated conservatives. that's what happened to liberals in the '60s. and when they start referring to you in hyphenated terms, you are headed for a crackup. as bill looks down on us today, he is no doubt hoping that we will be far wiser than mccarthy's liberals and that we will work as hard to preserve our coalition as he did to build it. thank you very much. >> we're going to take a short break and be right back with questions and answers. >> welcome back. with me is david keene. and we're now going to take questions from the cadets. question. >> sir, you described the political and economic landscape post world war ii as a collectivist faith in government sort of dominating. but to me, i kind of see that not a lot has changed. we still look to the government for entitlements, s
facts but this is down right vicious and reaches the joe mccarthy level. as a seat on the house intelligence committee, you know better. this is rollins speaking. shame on you, michele. that's what he's saying. you should stand on the floor of the house and apologize to huma abedin for your wild charge. the other republicans also called for bachmann's charges to be withdrawn. they called them outrageous. today, the speaker of the house john boehner was asked about it. here's what the speaker said. >> i don't know huma, but from everything i do know of her, she has a sterling character. and i think accusations like this being thrown around are pretty dangerous. >> you might get the idea that this is okay. because you hear the other guys throwing this around. so you go a little further but in kind. i disagree with john. i think it's in kind. >> let me start by saying michele bachmann is joe mccarthy in lipstick and she's a dangerous american. and i want to start by welcoming john to a zone of decency where senator john mccain took us and ed rollins is taking us. chris, the rhetori
studied in history when she went to the floor and her declaration of conscience and went after mccarthy for what he did and mccarthy was absolutely, you know, condemned by the united states senate. should the same thing happen to michele bachmann and those four gop members of congress by the house of representatives and should speaker boehner do it? >> i would like to see her answer some more questions about this. i saw the video of her running away from the reporter, i think cnn, i believe it was, refusing to answer. if you level this type of accusation, and she said it's not even an accusation, i'm just wondering. that's not good enough. >> john, isn't it un-american of bachmann to try and paint certain muslims as un-american? >> i don't like to use the word un-american, but i have a muslim cousin, jewish sister-in-law, atheist brother, i don't get to hate anybody. michele bachmann, what she did, rather deliberate. she's going to raise money from saying what she said, and she will earn the ire of her colleagues, yes, even john boehner condemned her, but they need her because she makes
shooting happened at the intersection of mccarthy and for evidence. >> a big mess has traffic busy near fourth and howard. that is where 200 gal. of the vegetable oil spilled onto the road. reggie kumar is live on the scene. >> san francisco public works is still out here cleaning up the mess. they did bring in a street sweeper to clean of the rest of the cooking oil that was left on the pavement. absorbent was also placed on the street to soak up the cooking oil. a this is what the scene of both like earlier. one of the straps that holds the cooking will container broke causing the content of this bill and to the intersection and forth and power. if that one. only one line was open for traffic. that has changed. >> one woman was injured and treated, one woman was killed after a fight and they tumbled out of the particles. >> a group of 11 were on the party bus just before midnight on fridays. the bus was headed from the shoreline amphitheater headed back to santa cruz. faugh the woman died here along highway 17. here's a closer look at the scene, just north of where highway 9 intersect
dominate her. but he was like a st of healio younool drepasre ou cni subversion. i mean, he hated mccarthy because he thought mccarthy largely -- like other liberal democrats, he thought mccarthy ga anti-communism a bad name. but he, a sense, gave je a o pte tutorial about communism and, you know, being part of the oss and the cia, he knew a lot of inside people, yo kn, ranging from social democrats like sidney ok to, youknow, formommustsom bhted,ow tnab jeane cooked these wonderful french meals, and they'd talk about, you know, what it was like to live under communism. ando she brought these preoccupationsyou know, and kirk also kind of phedr to drap ais ewaial democrat. she was a, you said democratic party in her dna, you know? she later on said, you know, i was onof those people who think of the democratic party the way women will say somethi ishetherfhin. ow wthman . and she had, kirk had always kind of pushed her. i mean, she was a little reluck about reluck -- reluctant. there was a fear of flying there in the '50shen she was having her children, that rt to bdot d dperalywa knthblr
ar thi will be holding a fund-raiser tonight for colorado fire victims. mccarthy grew up in colorado springs. on the he'll be signing autographs for $20 apiece at 6:00 before the a's take on the boston red sox. if you are heading to the game, mccarthy will be in section 120 at the oakland coliseum. >>> it to ka ta getting back to its roots as in the word toy, like the first part of the name toyota. looks like it should have a wind-up thing in the back. seven feet long, can travel 31 miles per charge, and the price matching its size. it's a single seater. this thing costs $8,400 to own one. the car currently available only in japan. i bet that would be great for parallel parking. >> what you want to go on a date? >>> that's right. coming up, a brand-new chapter for spider-man. hiss legacy hitting movie theaters today. we'll show you a preview and talk with the movie's main man. >>> "the avengers" got the summer off to a smoking start. tomorrow another supermarvell coming in, "the amazing spider-man." the guy under that suit, andrew garfield, replaces toby maguire in that role. garfiel
and i watched the army of mccarthy hearings and they had an impact on me. it was an opportunity to see the congress going beyond its proper role. >> go back to "witness" for a moment. what was it about that whole episode that got your attention? >> the cold war was on, here was a man who was a communist, and in a confessed communist, and the hearings, of course, in the congress, where there was alger his on one side, a person a clerk for felix frankfurter, attract in, going to nice schools and so forth and a man who was an admitted communist, wasn't very attractive, nobody believed him, supporting him. when the thing all sorted out it turns out that whitaker chamber was correct and his had known him and had been a communist. and that twist where what everyone seemed to think wasn't the case. was helpful. also at the time the soviet union was aggressive and expanding in several continents. there was concern about the influence of communism in the world and i was studying government and political science in school. so it just had an effect. >> "witness" you mentioned the arm mccarthy hea
-fire leader knows house to approve all will work top police brass including superintendent karen mccarthy. >> hopefully we can make the superintendent a believer in cease-fire is the plant. all police superintendent mccarthy understands plays a role chicago optimistic he will come around a >> positive worst-case cannot hurt. willing to try >> written statement chicago mayor rahm emanuel says reducing gang violence requires every asset every approach west side. >> not everybody on the plant on board with his anti-crime plan action now members say want to rebuild the city without demolishing the building they say the problem is the eyesores once gone 0 rebuilding city neighborhoods left city hall infrastructure problems to rent the building to the people who performed the rehabilitation. tragic discovery recycling plant near rockford body of baby boy on a conveyor belt winnebago county. several employees umbilical cord still attached. autopsy scheduled for tomorrow. young west side boy shielded a friend of gunfire this week coming to terms with the word hero if he had to do this again
's campaign for president, i'm fully aware that she sometimes has difficulty with her facts and reaches joe mccarthy level. as a seat on the house intelligence committee, you know better. shame on you, michele. you should stand on the foor of the house and apologize for your wild and unstanuated charge and other republicans also called for her charges to be withdrawn, they called them outrageous. today, the speaker of the house was asked about it. here's what speaker said. >> i don't know, but from everything that i do know of her, she has a sterling character. and i think accusations like this are pretty dangerous. >> you might get the idea that this is okay. i disagree with john. i think it's inkind. >> let me start by saying michele bachmann is joe mccarthy in lipstick and he's a dangerous american and i want to start by welcoming john to a zone of decency where senator john mccain took us and ed rollins is taking us and the rhetoric in this country is to dangerous that it's important to acknowledge that they have now staked out a lunatic grin nlg. that's a good thing and we should applaud that t
shooting happened at the intersection of mccarthy and bird avenues. it happened around 1:00 a.m.. police say it is too early to know whether the crime is gang-related but the task force is assisting in the investigation. police believe a lot of people saw the fight and shooting. >> we do not have much of a suspect description at this point. >> he lives a block away from the crime scene and says this is a common occurrence. he says he has had enough and he is moving out. >> it is insanely dangerous. the kids around here all have guns. >> and contra costa county, the fire protection district is trying to find a way to prevent the closure of more than a quarter of its fire stations. this is due to a budget shortfall. as dan kerman tells us, the district hopes property owners will stepped in to keep the stations open. >> we're looking everywhere from 7-10 stations. we do not know which ones in the district 7-10 could close, that is out of 28. >> tuesday evening, the fire district will discuss placing a parcel tax on the november ballot. that would have property owners pay as much as $75 a ye
-- i asked these questions. patrick mccarthy, the president of the annie e. casey foundation said it is a culture of our climate. ted richards said the problem is that the political will in this state is disagregated. we need all of the issues to come together. >> belva: that's a big command there. thank you, kathryn. the number of obesity and health problems has prompted a movement from new york to california to ban or restrict sugary drinks. should sodas be taxed? that is a question voters in richmond will take up in november. our pbs correspondent spencer michels has the story. >> he is deeply concerned about the measure which would place a penny-per-ounce tax on sugary beverages. the plan designed to cut sugar goes before the voters in november. he says about 80% of his customers buy some kind of sugary drink. the tax, he says, would add 6 cents to a popular 2 litre drink. >> people who want to drink soda, they all drink soda. it is not just a matter of richmond that does that. everybody everywhere will gain weight. >> in fact, the rising rates of diabetes and other weight-rel
than 160 million, but john mccarthy, held hostage in lebanon for years, it proved a lifeline. later, he made programs. >> it was so special to be able to walk around. it is a great building. architecturally, it was wonderful to be here. and interesting. and moving around, different accents and conversations in a language i could not recognize was very exciting. it was a very special place. >> but today, the last program from bush house went out just after noon london time. the studios may be deserted, but the broadcasts go on elsewhere. the world service is swapping bush house for a new home across london, alongside other bbc channels at a rebuilt broadcasting house. >> traveled to rome, and you will have no lackf tourist attractions to choose from, but tonight, we could be below the city for a rare tour. before it -- below the former home of former leader in year mussolini is an area feel. soon visitors will be able to return. our correspondent descended for a sneak peek. >> calm in the heart of rome. this used to be the playground of one of the great dictators. it was his home for 18
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 346 (some duplicates have been removed)